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Deflation instructions.

Turn off Blower Fan Switch. if your fan does not have a switch, inplug the electric blower fan at it's power source.

Loosen inflation/deflation tube strap from blower fan cone. Pull tube straight away from the inflatable so that all the air is discharging. Repeat procedure on the remaining deflation tube (smaller units will have only one tube).

While the inflatable is deflating, remove all stake (if any) and wipe clean, put the blower fan away and store extension cord.

Stand in Front. The front has the doorway in it. Fold all columns, sides, inflation and deflation tube (except the tubes at the rear of the unit) into the base area.

Fold the right side into the center line of the base area. Repeat procedure with the left side. The right and left sides will now touch in the center of the base area as shown in Step 2. Next fold the left side over the right side (ref. Step 3). There will be necessary to start at the front of the ride and walk in your stocking feet to remove the trapped air.

Roll Inflatable (Step 4) toward the back of the unit just the inflation tubes are showing. Unroll until you can place the inflation/deflation tubes in front of the partially rolled inflatable. Be sure to place packing straps end under buckle to protect ride while transporting and storing. Place in storage bag and tie.