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Toronto Inflatables Ltd.
Air Dancers AIR DANCERS FOR RENT Promote your business all day long ! See one of our air dancers here

Air dancers are the perfect solution for busy areas or when space is limited.

About Us

One leg, two arms, arrow "Welcome", 12 ft

Rental price: $ 100 CAD +Tax

One leg, two arms, arrow "Sales", 12 ft

Rental price: $ 100 CAD +Tax

Two legs, 20ft height

Rental price: $140 CAD+Tax

Widely used for sales promotion, special events, trade shows, exhibits and conventions, races and sporting events, entertainment marketing, company events, collegiate and community events, publicity opportunities, etc.

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These full motion units are the most visually dynamic of the inflatables.

A powerful blower inflates them in a few seconds and keep them dancing until you make them stop.

Indoors or outdoors.

Easy to transport.

Work well in winds under 15 mph., however, they are usually operated in winds up to 25 mph.

Include this innovative medium in your advertising campaign for spectacular special effect.

Sales promotion? Try this purple dancer!

Imagine the effect of this 20 ft dancer waving his arms !