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Check the area.

Check your site for stones, sticks or other obstructions. Check for the nearest electrical outlet and test it before you start. Once you have your site ready, unload your inflatable.

Unload the inflatable.

We show you a trailer being used. Many people use the back of a van or truck to deliver inflatables.

Once the unit is on its end, pull your hand truck into place. It is important to place the unit on the hand truck with the blower tube facing out, on the opposite side from the hand truck. The tube show you where the back of the unit is so you can know which side you need to place toward the blower.

Position the unit in the center of the back area (wherever you plan to place the blower). Tip the unit forward and pull the hand truck out from under it. Then allow it to fall back onto the ground with the blower tub on top.

You may need to adjust the unit to that it lines up correctly and is centered.

Unroll the unit.

Unfold the sides and straighten them out.

Inflate and Inspect.

Infllating only takes a minute or two, don't skip a quick inspection before you allow the kids in.

Some units have two blower tubes on them. On one that will not have the blower attached to it, you will need to close the oppening. Pleat or fold the vinyl fabric as tight as you can, then use the attached strap to secure it shut. This doesn't have to be airtight, expect some air to leak out of this tube. Escaping air is what make your unit bouncy.

Hook the blower up to the other tube. Slide the blower opening into the tube, then pleat and fold the extra fabric around.

Normally, each inflatable runs off a regular 110 volt outlet on a 15 AMP circuit. This is usually what you would consider a "normal plug" in most homes and businesses.